Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What the Heck?

What the heck happened to the week? It's already the end of Wednesday...this is crazy. Looking back I realize it was just a chaotic week that included insane writing fury on a story, heavy workload, and worst of all...sick babies.

Yay for Mommy and Daddy!!!

The cool thing about having a large family, though, is that siblings automatically draw to each other for support. As I sit here typing the older kids have set up camp to hang in the little boys room.

They're all giggling and joking.

Drama Queen's, "It's okay little baby."

Parkour Boy's, "It's a spider. No, just kiddin." (male-type support...very important I'm told).

These are some funny kids I got. What they probably don't realize is they're at their best when they're all pinging together. They bring out the best in each other.

Parkour opens up, loses the cynicism, and just really allows himself to be a natural leader and positive man. Drama Queen shakes off the sarcastic diva, slows down her over-thinking and shows love and tenderness...and thought to other people.

Holy Terror and Super Wy both chill out with the anarchy, conniving war strategies and adventures to just enjoy the moment.

Every time I see them in these perfect moments I feel like Super Mom.

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