Monday, February 1, 2010

Parenting Posts

Today I wanted to have a little fun - as if the Kitty introduction and Perils of Super Wy entries weren't fun. Any-who...With the advances in technology it's become easier to document life as a parent. We'd like to share some of our post entries with you. (Just so you know, I've edited them because...well...this is a more public domain than FB).

Give Me Patience...or Duct Tape:

"Only in the minds of teenagers does leftover bread become a reason for verbal war..."

"...In teen speak, 'I hate you, Mom,' really means, 'I still love you but am frustrated I can't spend the night at friends house on a school night.'...just so you know. And the door slamming is a virtual hug of sorts."

"Holy Terror had one of his sleepless nights...I'm expecting the demon possession to happen about 11...wish me luck."

Crazy Goofy:

"Holy Terror and Super Wy have TP'd one of the dogs! OMG, I'd discipline but it's too funny. Poor Drake looks like a walking Puppy Mummy."

"...I turn on the faucet to get a glass of water and the pull-out spray bursts water all over me. Turns out Parkour Boy rubber-banded the handle down..."

"...Holy Terror and Super Wy are attacking Drama Queen's room and then hiding in the back of the hall closet. Drama Queen is about two seconds away from 'Dragon-Firing-Breathing' status."

"I busted Super Wy drinking my soda. He just gives his sparkly smile, goofy giggle, and says, "Ya, it's in my tummy."..."

In the end, one of Hubby's entries sums it up well: "Ok, so it's a good day...I love my family."

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