Monday, February 8, 2010

River Quest

With the return of the sun, the kids and I decided an adventure was in order. We packed up sandwiches, crackers, and drinks and headed out to the river trail.

The day was perfect with poofy clouds and a slight breeze. For some time we followed the paved walkway, then paused at a resting point.

"Mom, Mom. Let's go this way!" Holy Terror gestured.

Just beyond the paved walk, a little dirt path wandered out closer the riverbank. So, off the beaten path we went. About twenty feet in, we spotted a miniature house (the size of a small dog house) to the right, placed well into some bushes.

"That must be the Beavers' home," Drama Queen joked.

"Or the Bobcats," Parkour Boy countered.

Moving on, the path opened up to wetlands on one side and the river on the other. The grass was so green it looked almost neon. The smell of muddy river water and moist reeds filled the air.

"Animal tracks!" Super Wy exclaimed, dropping to a crouch. As I took a picture he looked up and smiled. "They're dinosaur tracks. Or a tiger."

Super Wy headed on, crouched and growling like a T-Rex on the hunt. We paused along a river bend and took some pretty pictures. Holy Terror pointed out the ducks with his long walking stick. Parkour Boy threw out a yelp and the ducks skimmed off the water and into the sky. But when I looked over, he hadn't been watching the ducks lift-off. He stood smiling down at Holy Terror who was giggling and smiling at the duck spectacle.

I played it cool and quietly enjoyed the brother moment, so as not to embarrass Parkour Boy at the "catch".

Throughout the next half-hour we joked and talked about the sights and sounds until we reached the end, where the river breaks through and seeps into the wetlands. The older kids jumped of the walk, down into the bank and helped the little boys down. The four explored the muddy area looking for fish and other nature treasures.

Certain moments caught my attention. Drama Queen holding Super Wy's hand as he worked his way to the edge. Parkour Boy grasping Holy Terrors shoulder before he lost his balance on a small log. Parkour Boy helping Drama Queen out of a deep soggy area so she wouldn't lose a shoe.

On the way back I remembered wishing I could whistle. This, so I could express the joy in my soul. The moment was so perfect. Thinking back on it now, I ache a little that we couldn't still be there.

It's these kinds of memories mothers cherish for a lifetime.


  1. I love the picture of all the kids in the rear view mirror! Very creative! Lisa

  2. Thanks, Lisa. View from Mommy's driver in the world.

  3. Wow, teared up on this one...So sweet. I love all the pics, so precious!!

  4. Thanks...I've been feeling VERY nostalgic lately, hence the black and white photos. (I always do those when I'm feeling that way).