Thursday, February 18, 2010

Over the Top...What? Me?

I must thank my writing friend and all-around funny guy, Spammy, for awarding me the "Over the Top" Blog award. I love that kid! As part of the award I am to answer the following questions and then nominate five bloggers the award

Your cell phone: Nonexistent

Your hair: On my head

Your mother: Groovy lady
Your father: Mysterious

Your favorite food: Mexican food

Your dream last night: Scandalous...dreamed I got all the laundry done AND put away

Your favorite drink: Coca Cola

Your dream goal: To be one of those wrinkly old bikini ladies on a beach with cheap books and margaritas

What room are you in: Bedroom

Your hobby: Sky-diving and saving the world (oh wait...that might have been the dream)

Your fear: Alien Abduction
Where do you see yourself in six years: Six years?? I can't see six days from now!

Where were you last night: You can't prove anything

Something you aren't: Graceful
Muffins: Baked = yummy but Topping jeans = shivers

Wish list item: A week long cruise with my hubby

Where did you grow up: Wouldn't you like to know

Last thing you did: Typed "Wouldn't you like to know"

What are you wearing: I take the 5th

Your TV: Can read my mind

Your pets: Are my babies (and a little crazy)

Your friends: Are for life (and a little crazy)

Your life: Chaotic, loud, and perfect (and a little crazy)

Your mood: A little crazy (heehee)

Missing someone: I don't remember...I'm sure I left someone someplace...hmmmm

Vehicle: Goes grrrrrrrrrr, unless they need a tune -up and then they go rumble, rumble, grrr...

Something you aren't wearing: Wouldn't you like to know

Your favorite store: Bookstore

Your favorite color: Blue or green, or blue-green, or green-blue...or bleen...or grue

When was the last time you laughed: I'm still laughing

Last time you cried: I'm still crying (it happens)

Your best friend: Hubby (I know, cliche...but it's true. We're bonded through geekdom)

One place you go to over and over: The bathroom..and the older I get, the more I go
Facebook: Addict

Favorite place to eat: My Mexican or Pizza joints now to nominate five of my blogging buddies. Spreading the love that Spammy kicked off.

Thanks again rock!!!

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