Saturday, February 20, 2010

Funny Little Youngling

Parkour Boy smiles and lays several sketches on the counter for me to see. "Check these out, Mom. I'm working on some new logos and these are three of the top ones."

His eyes shift ever so slightly and he nibbles his lower lip. Now, I know these actions together means he's holding back a request for something. Of course, I don't let him know I know this.

I eye the three very good sketches and point out the parts I like best. I also make suggestions to improve some other parts. He nods and agrees with everything I'm saying.

This is because of two main things:
  1. He knows I'm an artist and it's one subject where he listens to me almost 95% of the time
  2. He really wants me to say yes to something so feels butt-kissing is the most effective tactic
I ruffle his hair and smile at the end of my little comments and say, "Well done, Honey."

I then grab my soda and start back to my writing area. He's behind me, and I can feel the request about to happen.

"You're not using those sketches for a tattoo," I add as I head down the hall.

I hear, and pretend I don't hear, his whispered curse. "When can I get a tattoo then?"

I laugh, and laugh, and laugh all the way into the back room.

...Oh what a funny little youngling...


  1. Pffft Tattoos are awesome!!

  2. are a bad Aunt Sammy! I'll have to keep my eye on you from now on.